What is a .Cwaht

A .Comkid is a boy or girl who has decided that they want to follow Jesus by doing what He has asked them to do.  They are ready to take the steps needed to be used by Jesus to reach their friends and family for Christ!

What is Expected?

Students register to participate as .Comkids each school year, September through May.  (See the How? section to learn the process)  When you sign up you agreed to:

1. Attend church and a Christian education class (Sunday School, midweek clubs, etc.) regularly

2.  Give $2.00 each month to BGMC or another missions project

3.  Invite someone to church each month.

4.  Pray and read your Bible every day

5.  Memorize one Bible verse every month - these are in the comkids monthly lessons

6.  Help others at least twice a month at church, in your neighborhood, or your family and friends.

7.  Turn in a report to the .comkids office each month.  This is done each month online by completing each part of the monthly lesson and by submitting the monthly report via email to .Commom.