Bible Memory – A Kidmin Zoom Talk

A few kids pastors from the Wisconsin/N. Michigan Ministries Network came together and discussed a few options for bible memorization during this time of Covid-19

Of particular interest was what are a few options for practicing Junior Bible Quiz and JBQ like events.

We discussed hosting a Bible Fact-Pak Fun Day. You can learn more about these at:

First and foremost, we are not looking to replace JBQ. Instead, we are looking to have options while we physically distance aand can’t practice and can’t travel.

We also discussed hosting a zoom meeting with your own team or another team and having a virtual quiz meet. We showed how this could be done with zoom and a virtual buzzer at

We also demonstrated a different type of quiz meet where all of the students have their correct answers counted. This was through the online site

Kahoot does cost some money but with it you can have a great meet virtually through Zoom and you can also track which questions your quizzers are struggling with.

It has been my desire for a couple of years to have a system that would allow boys and girls to memorize God’s Word and hide His Word in their hearts through an online environment.

Through this covid-19 period we have all be learning how we can utilize Zoom. Now we are able to leverage this tool with the addition of these other tools to host virtual learning all over the state and nation.

Imagine quizzing on a Sunday morning with another church. Imagine practicing with your team while you are all in separate locations. It is now all possible.

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We'd love to hear from you and have you join our community of kidmin leaders in Wisconsin/Northern Michigan.  It is a great network of leaders who support one another and love kids.

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