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How I Minister - Josh Schirpke


Josh Schirpke is the children's pastor at City Church in Sheboygan.  He has been a color team leader at camp and has led with high energy and spiritual passion.  We love the energy that Josh brings to our kids' camps and thought you should meet the man behind the fun.  


Ministry Position 

Children's Pastor

Church and city you are currently serving at

City Church in Sheboygan, WI

Age group you serve 

Birth-5th Grade

Curriculum you use

Life Church Early Childhood, Konnect, Go Kids, 252 Basic

One phrase that describes your ministry style

Helping kids to learn about and love Jesus in fun and exciting ways.

Tell us about your background and how you became what you are today

I didn't grow up in the church. It wasn't until I met my now wife, Becky that started bringing me to church, getting involved in the youth and kids’ ministries and ultimately being called into ministry. I had some great mentors and leaders who helped me to get where I am today, and I am very thankful for them.

Tell us about a typical weekend service

We have 4 classes that we offer for families. We have our Nursery-1, we have our toddlers (2 and 3 years old), Preschool (4 and 5 years old), and our Elementary which is K-5th grade. Our toddlers and preschool students utilize the Life-church lessons with hands-on activities, large group lessons, small group time, and video messages. For our K-5th graders, we start off in small groups reviewing last week’s lesson, praying for needs in the kids' lives, setting them up for the days new lesson. Then we come back together for worship, game, offering, and our large group lesson. After that, we break back into small groups to do an activity related to the lesson for that day and review everything we just learned. If we have time at the end the students have the opportunity to use the game room or activity room before the parents come for pick up.

Tell us about your weekday ministry opportunities

On Wednesdays we have more discipleship focused elementary classes. We also have a toddler and preschool class as well.

What apps, gadgets or tools can't you live without in ministry?

Bible, ProPresenter or really my MacBook overall

What's your best ministry advice?

Feedback is a gift, positive or negative, learn from it and how to make yourself better in ministry.

Tell us about an interesting, unusual circumstance you face in ministry

Allowing myself to attend an adult service on a Sunday. I just love leading the kids' service!

Tell us about your ministry team and how you rely on them

We have an Early Childhood team that focuses on our Birth- Preschool, along with our check-in for both Sundays and Wednesday nights. I plan and oversee K-5th grade with our Children's Ministry interns. We also have a few leaders who lead specific classes for us on Wednesday nights like a 4th-5th grade boys’ group that helps them to really navigate through the Bible and apply what they learned to their lives. I would be lost without each and every one of our leaders. They are the heartbeat to this ministry and are all absolutely amazing!

How do you keep track of your time and manage your ministry?

Google Calendar, Planning Center, weekly meeting with our lead pastor

What do you do to be refreshed or renewed?

Spend time with my family, golf, watch football

What are you reading right now? or what do you recommend?

Talk Now and Later by Brian Dollar

What is the best ministry advice you have ever received?

Surround yourself with leaders you can pour into and do life with and they will be there when you need them the most.

What ministry problem are you trying to find a solution?

How to really minister well to kindergartners and 5th graders at the same time.

Who else would you like to see answer these questions?

Brian Dollar

What would you like to ask them?

Can you sign my book?

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