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Junior Bible Quiz offers to you family and opportunity to connect them to God's Word and boys and girls throughout the region who are enthusiastic about God and Junior Bible Quiz.

Hiding God's Word in your child's heart can be fun and rewarding.  The foundation of Junior Bible Quiz is the Bible Fact Pak.  You can order  the Bible Fact-Pak at MyHealthyChurch.com.  If you are interested in being a part of a Junior Bible Quiz league, please contact our network director Josh Murray

You may have wondered...Doesn't allowing the students to study the actual quiz questions promote "rote" learning? DEFINITELY! That is the strength of the program. The child is at the peak of their ability to memorize. You may assist your child in helping to gain understanding when they need it. However, many of the questions are written in a way that helps with comprehension and application. For instance, instead of asking the child to recite the 7th Commandment the questionis, "Which of the Ten Commandments protects the sacredness of marriage?"

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JBQ Parent Information

This is a sample resource is from Oak Creek Assembly of God. Feel free to adapt for your church. 

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2023_2024 Bible Quiz Mailing

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Team Structure and Ordering

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2023-2024 JBQ & JBQ Basics schedule

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Info Letter

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JBQ Team Roster Form_Fill In

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JBQ Quotation Club (NIV_NLT)

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Official JBQ Guidelines

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JBQ_JBQ Basics info_Updated22

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JBQ Scoresheet

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