Kidmin Friday – Africa Update+

Super Exciting Interview

I had the opportunity this week to connect with Jon Paulsen, our new missionary to Burundi, Africa. The Paulsens are just now getting set in their new house and ministry. It has been an exciting journey to see them get on the field in Africa. In this interview, we talked about how they are challenging boys and girls from Wisconsin/ N. Michigan to help villages all over Africa experience safe drinking water. We challenge each boy and girl to raise at least $18, enough for one water filter. In addition, we are challenging churches to raise $2,000 to help a village of 100 families experience clean drinking water.

There are two versions of the interview. The shortest of the two is about 5 minutes long and gives the boys and girls a good description of what it is like in Africa. The other is about 9 minutes long, has the same information as the short one but has a little more explanation from the Paulsens about how they are getting settled.

You can view and download the videos on our wnmdkids website at:
BGMC Special Project

Jon did let me know that he would be available to talk to your church individually if you would like. Please feel free to share the videos mentioned above with your families.


What I'm reading

I just ordered Jim Wideman's new book, "Authentic Leadership That Lasts- the 'you can do it' guide.  This is a great new book from Jim and I am really excited to finish it and put into practice what I learn from it.  JIm has been a pioneer in Kids ministry and in his years of service he has shared an enormous wealth of wisdom.  Authentic leadership speaks of leadership from the inside out.  It is born out of what God is doing in you.  It reminds me of the lesson God has been teaching me all of my life.  What God is doing in me is of greater priority than what He is doing through me.  I'm not ready to give a book report because I haven't finished the book yet.  But when I do it may be an opportunity for us to have an extended conversation with Jim about the book.  If you are interested in the book check it out at:

Where I'm Headed

This weekend I get the opportunity to attend our network Girls Ministries Inspire Conference.  We have a great leader speaking to us at this convergence.  This year we have Lori Warning speaking at the conference.   Lori leads our National Girls Ministries Department.  This is a great opportunity for the women of our network who work with girls to hear the heartbeat of our National Girls Ministries.   If you are interested in Girls Ministries, check out our website -

Quotes I'm Loving

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will be in the main service."  Jim Wideman - "Tweetable Leadership"

"I've dreamed all my life of having the opportunities that are before me now." - Jim Wideman - "Tweetable Leadership.

That last quote reminds me of something I say to myself quite often.  I especially say this when I am having a bad day.  I say to myself, "I am living someone else's dream."  We have incredible opportunities before us.  The things we dreamed about.  What I get to do every day I know others are dreaming they can do too.  I pray that they can.  I pray that they will.  I pray that you get to experience the opportunities you have dreamed about.



you belong

We'd love to hear from you and have you join our community of kidmin leaders in Wisconsin/Northern Michigan.  It is a great network of leaders who support one another and love kids.

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