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What I Am Excited About!

This Kidmin Firiday I want to talk about an exciting release from BGMC call "BGMC Sessions"

BGMC Sessions is a missions focused, campaign-driven teaching resource designed to empower the next generation of kids to pray, give, and go. Each week kids are challenged through a 5-8 minute “session” that easily fits into any kids’ church service in one of these three areas.

TO PRAY for kids around the world who need to hear about Jesus and for the missionaries that tell them.
TO GIVE sacrificially as kids embrace the heart of God and make it their own.
TO GO to their neighborhoods, family, and friends to be a witness for the good news about Jesus.

Each BGMC Sessions pack has 13 intentional “championing of kids for missions” weekly sessions that are 5-8 minute windows designed to fit into any kids’ church service led by a kids’ pastor or leader.

In each pack, leaders are challenged to promote and be personally involved in a campaign for BGMC. While each pack revolves around this push, each week will offer different elements that focus on pray, give, go. These campaigns are designed to be customizable. While you will read of great campaigns to use in your kids’ church, you are encouraged to customize or find other solutions that fit your kids best. The goal is for us to come alongside and partner with you in championing compassion in the kids of your kids’ church.

You can download the FREE curriculum at:


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13 Week Challenge

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Starting with the last week of September or the first week of October we have 13 weeks to impact an African Village.  Wouldn't it be awesome to use this new BGMC sessions curriculum for the next 13 weeks to help with our African Water Filter project through Africa's Children?

The month of October has 31 Days.  We can challenge our boys and girls to raise $31 in 31 days.  This can be a part of our 13-week challenge.


$31 in 31 Days Campaign

The month of October has 31 Days. Challenge the kids to take on this “$31 in 31 Days” challenge by doing chores, selling candy bars, selling homemade baked goods, doing fund-raisers like a car wash or an after-church hotdog and soda stand—you name it, as long as your parents and church leaders have approved it and the event is supervised as needed.

Challenge your leaders to participate.  When leaders participate kids are inspired.  As they see the leaders participating kids will too.


Updated App

In other great news, BGMC has updated the BGMC App.  You can get it for Android or Apple.  Download it today so kids can keep track of their own giving and be encouraged as well.

you belong

We'd love to hear from you and have you join our community of kidmin leaders in Wisconsin/Northern Michigan.  It is a great network of leaders who support one another and love kids.

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