KIdmin Friday – FCF

What I am Enjoying.

Today I had the privilege of attending our Territorial Rendezvous. It is an FCF gathering of men and boys from throughout our region. There were men and boys from Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and a few more. They are all part of the Royal Rangers Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship. What a great group.
They are always offering me food. And believe me, FCF men and boys eat well.
They camp in tents from the frontier days and do great crafts and cook over the open fire. It is pretty cool. They have a wonderful fellowship. They have names that each of them are bestowed. Many of their names are from the craft they choose or an attribute. I can't remember all the names, but a few of them are names like "Scribe," "Pot Licker," "Lost Hawk." Etc. I told the men that I would like to be called "Doc Brown if I were to join FCF." Then, I could come to the Rendezvous in a Delorian and sell flux capacitors.
Most important, though, is the time spent together in fellowship and encouraging one another in serving Jesus. These men love Jesus. They love the boys that they bring up through the fellowship. Honestly, the best discipleship happens in a relationship. These men get this. I am always given a warm welcome when I come into their fellowship.
I was so encouraged to see at least four lead pastors from our network in attendance. That was pretty cool. I saw the craftmanship of these pastors. Wow. These are skills and tools we can use to disciple boys.

Key Insight

What I see in this fellowship and in Royal Rangers is an element of discipleship that is so important.  Discipleship can be artificial when it solely happens in a classroom setting with a teacher in the front and a class facing the teacher.  It can happen, but there is something unique and organic about discipleship that happens shoulder to shoulder.  It is a boy and a man standing shoulder to shoulder working on a project or craft.  They are figuring it out and sharing stories and life together.  It is not across the table, but the two of them working side by side.  I see these boys so eager to learn.  They want to trade their wares.  They are accepted into the group and encouraged.

What I'm listening to

The other night I watched and listened to Michael W. Smith's Worship Forever Concert on Youtube.  20 years ago his album Worship was released on 9-11.  Well, this year on the twentieth anniversary he held a concert in Nashville, TN that was an orchestra rearrangement of that album.  It is stunning.  Those of us in Kids Ministry need to worship.  Sometimes our ministry keeps us out of the adult service.  Sometimes we don't get into a regular worship service.  I love being able to spend over an hour just worshipping Jesus through this music.  Maybe it will bless you too.



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We'd love to hear from you and have you join our community of kidmin leaders in Wisconsin/Northern Michigan.  It is a great network of leaders who support one another and love kids.

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