Kidmin Friday

Here are a few things I am thinking about today and thought I would share them.


What I’m Watching & Listening To

  1.  It’s raining outside. What do you do when you plan an event outdoors, and then the forecast is rain? Do you have an alternate plan? Event planning is so important. I have a few Youtube links on event planning that may be helpful to you.
  1. The first is a 32-minute audio teaching by Kolby King.
  3. The second is 9 simple steps for planning Big Events in Children’s Ministry. It is from Jenny Fenderburke of Ministry-To-Children. It is a quick 21-minute guide that has a lot of good information.



I Need Your Best Camp Tips

  1. We need your three best Kids Camp Tips. So many of you are so creative and have tips that no one else thought of for a successful kids camp for the boys and girls of your church. Are there some tips that you can share with others? We have a Quick Kids Camp Tip form that we would like to invite you to fill out.
  2.  We will have some of these tips be a part of our Kids Camp website for cabin leaders to utilize in addition to the other training we provide.

Here is the link to fill out the form.


What I am Excited About

  1.  I am excited about this year’s Kidmin retreat!
  2.  We will be in Marshfield at North Ridge Church. The kidmin retreat is a great time to connect with fellow kidmin leaders, share life, laughs, and resources, learn from others who are doing what you do, and dream of what could be in your ministry. The retreat will be held on November 5,6. Corey Sullenger will be our host and promises to give us a behind-the-scenes tour of the brand new Kidmin wing. We also have Patti Chapman as a speaker. Patti previously served in the National Kidmin Office and is now a kids pastor back in Illinois. Patti loves kidmin and training kidmin leaders. You will like Patti; she is a pro. Go to to sign up and learn more.


Someone You Should Know

  1. We are pleased to announce Lisa Pardee as our new Girls Ministries Director for our network. Lisa is the wife of Tony and mother of Evan, Kora, and Lacy. She attends and serves at Calvary Church in Marinette, WI.

Lisa grew up in Missionettes and completed Daisies, Prims, and was an Honor Star in 1993. After taking a break to grow up, get married, and have babies, Lisa has been back in Girls Ministries for ten years. She was a helper in Stars for three years and is now in her 7th year of teaching Friends, 9th year of teaching Girls Only, and 6th year as coordinator for her local church.

Lisa received her credentials as a certified minister with the Assemblies of God in 2019. We look forward to seeing every girl moving toward a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and to realize her importance and potential in the kingdom of God. Lisa is going to do a great job. If you have questions about ministry to girls, please feel free to contact her at:


Quotes that Resonate

  1. Jim Wideman is probably one of the most quotable guys I know. A few years ago, he wrote the book “Tweetable Leadership.” It is filled with gems. Here are two that I am thinking about today. “Quit is a four-letter word; never speak it.” I know this past year and a half has been challenging. Maybe even more than challenging. I don’t know what the next year and a half holds, but I know that those who have resolve, conviction, and passion will see God move. Don’t Quit. Jim also said in tweet #267, “Don’t fall in love with your past successes.” It is so easy to make the past all about success and not remember the same things that made you want to quit back in the day. Your perseverance in the past allowed you to see success. Don’t quit and don’t fall in love with the past.
  2.      God is going to move. Find out what He is doing and join Him.


you belong

We'd love to hear from you and have you join our community of kidmin leaders in Wisconsin/Northern Michigan.  It is a great network of leaders who support one another and love kids.

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