Kidmin Music Licensing Explained

Mark Kilcoyne and Adair Koontz were able to interview Kidmin artists Jeff McCullough of Jumpstart3 and Yancy on the ethical and legal uses of music in Kids ministry during this ever-changing time.  Both share some new developments that present options for using their music online.

Topics included are:

0:00 Introductions

13:00 How you can support kidmin musical ministries

30:36 CCLI/CCLVI explained

48:57 What is a License?  Do I need it?

1:05:38 Church Size

1:06:50 White Listing

1:15:46 Send Playlists to families

1:18:28 Live Events Described

1:28:52 How To Ask More Questions

1:29:53 How to get Training for Teams

1:32:20 Budgets and Provision

1:34:41 Share What You Have Learned!


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