Kids Camp Meeting Update

We recently had an online Zoom meeting regarding camp with our network Kidmin leaders. Here is a synopsis of what was discussed.


All events for April have either been cancelled, postponed or being reinvented

Working to middle of May

Moving forward with camps!

No deposit needed for camp

Early bird pricing will be applied, and balance must be paid in full before early bird deadline ends (18 days before the start of camp)

The website has a list of the dates for when Early Bird pricing would end


Where to find most up to date information about whether a camp is cancelled or not:

The WNMMN Minsters Fellowship page

Our WNMDKids facebook page

Google group email sent

Group Hold information

Invitations will be sent out based on last year’s number (at least 20 campers)


Start planning now who will be coming to camp as a leader

Your “go to” person(s) may not be available this year because of having to use vacation time now or financially can’t afford it

Question was asked if we can have split days for cabin leaders

We would prefer to not have this and if there is no other option talk to office staff before hand

Not much thought yet for fundraising but if anyone has any ideas please put them out in the google group

Other Camp Questions Asked:

Can cost of camp be lowered?

May look at reducing the number of days which would lower the cost of camp

Additional steps for sanitizing camp?

Kent said that all steps are being done that are recommending by CDC and they will follow all guidelines put out for them to follow

Will look at what additional measures can be done

Can we have a video to walk through how to register for a camp?

Samuel Lester made a video before for Assembly Park and we will look at that video and see if a new one needs to be made

Additional Camp Info Discussed:

Gary Bell may need help in Spring to get Assembly Park ready for camp

New lodge building construction plans finalized (Finance committee put hold on building during this time of unknown)

Kent is continuing to make safety at Spencer Lake (crossing the street) a priority

Looking at building a tunnel underground to cross

There may be additional instructions for the crosswalk

Improvements made to the Dome were discussed to make it usable

The website has all the forms and artwork needed to get information out

you belong

We'd love to hear from you and have you join our community of kidmin leaders in Wisconsin/Northern Michigan.  It is a great network of leaders who support one another and love kids.