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Gladys Hinson

A dream that started in the heart of a young lady, Gladys Hinson, in 1944 is now a 52-acre campus of Christian residential homes for foster children. COMPACT stands for COMPASSIONATE ACTION! It has been in continuous operation for almost 80 years! COMPACT Family Services is the Assemblies of God Family Services Agency. With your help, it will continue to redeem the lives and futures of vulnerable children through its many ministries across multiple states.
hinson House

Hinson House

In 1944, the National Children's Home of the Assemblies of God began as a five-room, single-dwelling home with three small children. Within three months, the home increased to 17 children and operated by using the garage apartment behind the home to house some children. Throughout the almost 80 years, the Hinson house has served many purposes and families.
* Residential Home
* Staff Housing
* Museum/Meeting Building
* Residential Individual and Group Counseling Center

Foster Facts

  • foster care

    One Child is removed from their home every two minutes in America

  • foster care

    60% of those in foster end up in sex trafficking

  • foster care

    63% of children removed from homes were due to parental neglect

  • foster care

    6% of all children will be in foster care before the age of 18

  • foster care

    Foster care youth deal with depression seven times more than youth not in foster care

  • foster care

    20% of those who age out are homeless when they age out

  • foster care

    74% of those in prison were in the foster care system

  • foster care

    71% of girls will be pregnant by the age of 21

  • foster care

    by 24 years of age, only half have steady employment

  • foster care

    Approximately 184,000 households have foster youth in them

  • foster care

    95% of foster parents said they would do it all over again

Our Goal

Compact Family Services and AG Foster Care have a fantastic vision for the future. They want the Assemblies of God and the church to impact the future of foster care. To do this, they hope that every church in our network will endeavor to train foster care parents in their community. To that end, they are increasing the AG Foster Network's reach. The AG Foster Care Network is now licensed in three states. The intention is to spread this to all 50 states.

Assemblies of God churches account for 5% of all evangelical churches in the United States. Our objective is for 5% of the children in foster care to be cared for in Assemblies of God homes through our Wisconsin/Northern Michigan Ministries Network. In Wisconsin, there are 7,626 children in foster care. Our network objective is to have at least 382 children cared for by Assemblies of God families. We would reach that goal if each of our 200 congregations had at least two foster families. Wouldn't it be fantastic to surpass that target? The AG Foster Care Network would be an excellent resource in our network to assist in achieving this objective and serve as a resource to our churches and families.

To do so, the AG Foster Care Network needs funding to establish administrative offices, do legal work, launch a marketing campaign, implement training programs, and develop systems adapted to the unique needs of our state and other states nationwide.

At the same time, Compact Family Services has a number of facilities in Hot Springs, Arkansas, that require maintenance. Our generous contributions to BGMC can go a long way toward making all of this possible.

We hope to raise more than $50,000 this year to assist Compact Family Services and the AG Foster Care Network in ministering to the boys and girls and families in the Foster Care Network. This is located in our backyard. We've got this!

Ways Kids Can Help Foster Care

  • Pray

    Pray for children and families in foster care and for our County, State and other organizations that help facilitate foster care.

  • Donation Drives

    Kids can organize or contribute to donation drives at the church to collect clothes, bunk beds, school supplies, toys, and books for foster children. This not only helps meet the physical needs of these children but also teaches the kids who organize the drives about empathy and community service.

  • Birthday and Holiday Gifts

    Encouraging kids to give gifts or make cards for foster children during birthdays or holidays can make a big difference. It’s a gesture that can make foster children feel special and cared for during times that might be particularly challenging for them.

  • Volunteer at Events

    Many communities have special events for foster children, like picnics, sports days, or holiday parties. Kids can volunteer at these events to help set up, run activities, or just be there to play and interact with foster children, showing them they are an important part of the community.  Some communities may also support organizations like Sleep in Heavenly Peace that help make beds for kids who need a bed.  Kids can see how they can help with this process.

  • Give

     1.  Through BGMC, Boys and Girls can give to Compact Ministries to help equip the Assemblies of God Foster Care Network establish agencies in every State.

    2. Boys and Girls can help Compact Ministries in Hot Springs Arkansas update their facilities that serve boys and girls in Foster Care.  

  • Be A Friend

    Kids can participate in buddy programs where they pair up with a foster child to spend time together, doing activities like reading, playing sports, or simply hanging out. This creates a sense of belonging and friendship for foster kids who might feel isolated.

  • Our Goal $50,000 -Pledged Amount



Barrels of Hope Article Banner

Goal: 100 Churches Sponsoring 10 kids

$120,000 would sponsor 1000 kids for their school year.   We could raise $120,000 for boys and girls to get a nutritious meal every day of the school year.  

Goal: Kids Helping Kids

$120 provides meals for a child for the entire school year.  Our goal is that every child in our network will help another child in an area of the world who needs a nutritious meal.

In partnership with Convoy of Hope, BGMC is helping Assemblies of God missionaries who are doing their part to help end world hunger. Currently, Assemblies of God missionaries have programs to feed children worldwide, and Convoy of Hope is one of the primary supply chains for these nutritious meals.

  • Each day Convoy of Hope serves 500,000 children in 26 nations.
  • In Haiti alone, Convoy of Hope stocks a huge warehouse full of boxes and barrels of food to meet the need.

Project Video


Ending world hunger requires holistic solutions. These solutions start with a warm bowl of food. Food is the doorway to providing a child with an education, a healthier living environment, clean water, and an opportunity for a better life.

When Convoy of Hope provides our Assemblies of God missionaries with containers of food, it allows these children the opportunity to hear about the love of God in a way that they may have never heard it before. Our missionaries have a chance to demonstrate the love of God with a bowl of hot food.

While more than 500,000 children in 26 countries are being fed and cared for in our programs, we have tens of thousands more children on the waiting list.

  • 73 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world.
  • 1 out of every nine people in the world is experiencing hunger.

Help us help Convoy of Hope. Together we can send Buddy’s Barrels of Hope around the world!


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