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The Kids Life 4D program is helping to change this by providing filters for families adn teaching children how to live healthy and whole lives

Goal: Reach 25 Communities

$2,000 Sponsors a community event for up to 100 kids and families

Helping children to live healthy, whole lives

One Boy or Girl donating $18 provides a water filter and all the project elements for one child.

The Kids Life 4D program is designed to help local churches meet the needs of children and help them grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Africa’s Children wants kids to be healthy and whole in every aspect of their lives.

The Kids Life 4D program contains two major components. The first part is a “Launch Event” – a large scale, high-energy show that will help draw the attention of the entire community. This program has comedy characters, puppets, live demonstrations, illustrations, songs, and more. The message is centered around water. Clean water for drinking, water to wash their hands, and living water to cleanse their hearts.

As an added incentive, each family unit that attends will receive an easy to use and maintain water filter. These water filters can last 10 years or more with simple maintenance and provide water for a family of 10 or more people. At the end of the Launch Event, the second part of the program will be introduced. Children are invited to come to a weekly “Kids Club” program where they can continue to receive important information about living healthy, whole lives.

The Kids Clubs will be led by trained children’s workers who will host groups of 10-20 children in the homes of church members located in key neighborhoods. Spreading the clubs throughout the community will enable children to have easy access to a local club within walking distance of their home.

Each week the children will participate in an interactive lesson that reinforces basic health principles that they can put into immediate practice in their homes and teach their friends. Each lesson has a health element and a spiritual lesson. The children will learn through fun, hands-on lessons, working to earn achievements by completing each unit.

You can help a child receive all of this – the “Launch Event”, filter kit, and the “Kids Club” program – for just $18 per child.


Many families in Africa don't have a source for safe drinking water.  Nearly 1 in 5 deaths under the age of five in Africa are a result of a water-related disease.

Clean water reduces sickness and saves lives


The Kids Life 4D program is helping to change this by providing filters for families and teaching children how to live healthy and whole lives.

Because of your involvement in this project kids are saved and connected with a kid-friendly church.


A Network BGMC Challenge


One church in our network (Wisconsin/ N. Michigan Ministries Network) that accepts and completes this $2,000 Village Challenge will win this 18-foot screen to use in your local community. Imagine hosting an outdoor video night at your church.

The winner will be announced in late January!

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