Zoom Meeting With Mark Entzminger

We were priveleged to have our National Kidmin Director, Mark Entzminger talk about ministry during and after COVID-19. I think you will find his insight very helpful.

His remarks are prefaced by 3 main considerations as we go forward. These are printed below:

Bravo! You are taking the first steps to consider what changes you might make to your children’s
ministry when the doors open again. What is provided below is a simple outline designed to help you
think through different areas of children’s ministry. Additional resources will be available at
covid19.ag.org to help provide questions, ideas, and resources to support your journey toward success.
Step 1: Narrow your focus.
Select an area of your ministry where you feel God is inspiring improvement. The following areas are
some of the key opportunities you may want to consider:

  1. Volunteers: training, recruiting, appreciation
  2. Ministry experience: first-time guests, family support, following up with children, special events
  3. Discipleship environment: spiritual goals, curriculum focus, support aspects for the home
  4. Safety: sanitation, well-child policies, policy review, establishing a safety team
  5. Digital future: reaching beyond the church, a sustainable model
    The support website for each of these five areas of focus (or pathways) will be enhanced by questions
    to help you think, sharing of ideas leaders like you are already using, and providing resources to make
    your job easier.
    Step 2: Write the plan.
    Gather ideas and journal what God speaks to your heart. During the week of April 20, be watching for
    live events, videos, and other resources to become available from leaders like you who are sharing their
    resources to help make your life easier. These resources will be available from the same location you
    found this resource. The prime location during this “Welcome Back” campaign will be covid19.ag.org.
    Keep the written plan simple enough to explain to leaders you may enlist to help with specific areas. A
    written plan is always easier to work from than an idea passed along verbally. Be realistic in what can
    be accomplished in the short window of time.
    Step 3: Stay encouraged.
    Get support for your journey by staying connected to the AG Kidmin Community on Facebook.
    Children’s leaders are gathering there to share their questions, ideas, resources, and challenges. You
    are not alone, and this community is here to help.

you belong

We'd love to hear from you and have you join our community of kidmin leaders in Wisconsin/Northern Michigan.  It is a great network of leaders who support one another and love kids.

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